My Back Sleeper Pillow w/Cover


My Back Sleeper Pillow

Whether it’s for health or for beauty reasons, My Back Sleeper is the only pillow designed to train your body to fall asleep on your back and remain there comfortably throughout the night. My Back Sleeper pillow comes with a removable plush cover.

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Let’s talk about price for a moment… Memory foam and other luxury pillows can demand prices of up to $300. If this means a good night’s sleep, it may be well worth the cost. My Back Sleeper pillow will give you a great night’s sleep while providing a patented training tool that encourages you to remain in the healthiest sleeping position for your body. There are no other pillows out there that offer this. None. Zero. Zip. If you are serious about changing the way you sleep, My Back Sleeper is priceless.

My Back Sleeper pillow is the premier solution on the market to keep your beautiful skin and combat the various problems that come from other sleep positions. Don’t settle for an uncomfortable “device” when you can sleep in comfort.


  • Best position for preventing neck & back pain.
  • Helps your mattress support the head, neck and spine in a neutral position.
  • Keeps pressure off the spine.
  • Keeps your internal organs aligned and unstressed.
  • Balances out your body weight.
  • Helps prevent acid reflux.
  • Helps prevent cleavage wrinkles on the chest and sleep-lines on the face.
  • Relieves pressure on existing wrinkles.
  • Beauty products have a chance to penetrate the skin without rubbing off on the pillow.
  • Prevents oils and dirt from your hair and scalp from coming in contact with your face.
  • Keeps breast skin from stretching and causing sagging.
  • Provides support for healing after surgery.
  • Helps keep the sinuses clear by preventing compression.

How to use My Back Sleeper pillow:
The front of the pillow has a higher middle section than the back. 
With the higher side of the contour under your neck, your head 
should rest comfortably in the center of the pillow. The raised side 
mounds on each end of the pillow serve as gentle reminders to 
remain on your back.

Caring for My Back Sleeper pillow:

The pillow is made of high quality polyurethane foam. 
The memory foam center will relax and conform as you use it. 
The zipper on the backside of your pillow allows for easy 
removal of the cover, which can be washed when needed. 
Any standard pillowcase can be put over the pillow and cover if desired.

The pillow’s core is made from high a quality memory foam center and firm polyurethane sides and comes in a soft velour cover made from breathable cotton with a bit of poly for a snug fit. A zippered backside allows for removal of the cover to be washed when needed.

Dimensions: 18” wide X 11” long & 5” at its highest point

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