Back Sleeping Pillow Improves Overall Quality of Sleep
A good sleep quality is important to preserve optimal body function, improve positive response to stress and optimize the nerve and hormonal stress system within the body – a good sleep quality that can only be achieved by using an optimal back sleeping pillow, says a study published by The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine.  Using a feather pillow, which most people regard as the standard pillow, is not enough. Choosing and using a pillow, such as the MyBacksleeper pillow, that conforms to orthopaedic guidelines ensures the right head and neck support needed to achieve the best quality of sleep each individual should have every single night. – Dr. Jocelyn Pantaleon, Health & Fitness Physician

Spinal Alignment
Certain issues and pains related to cervical spine in which the originating nerves get compressed due to inappropriate positioning of spine in some patients while sleeping, can easily be reduced by using the specialized pillows like MyBackSleeper and stabilizing the cervical spine specially.

If sleeping straight in supine position is recommended by your neurosurgeon for any of your spine related issue then the MyBackSleeper pillow can be of great assistance in keeping your body in supine position without worrying about how to sleep on your back while you’re in deep sleep, preventing any further damage to the spine, helping as a back sleeping pillow.

Using normal and conventional pillows is highly risky in cervical spine related injuries and issues as the alignment of spine and its curvature isn’t natural anymore with conventional pillows. The specially shaped and rippled pillows like MyBackSleeper can keep the head and cervical spine in neutral position, resulting in stable spine and thus preventing undue pressure on any nerves.

Pain Due to Nerve Compressions
The pain can increase when sleeping or lying down because the inappropriate alignment and position of spine while sleeping causes more pressure on the nerve roots. This pain and damage to the nerves can be minimized by sleeping in proper posture using special pillow like MyBackSleeper.

Please remember, before jumping to any conclusions about your conditions, always consult a specialist to get expert opinion regarding your specific case. Discuss with your doctor the use and benefits of MyBackSleeper pillow in your case, which is highly likely to be recommended by your surgeon. – Practicing Physician & Medical Blogger

Beauty Sleep Pillow
Back sleeping is a winner for the more cosmetically inclined. Spending all night with the face out in the air—and not smushed up against a pillow leads to fewer facial wrinkles – nothing is pushing against your face. Additionally, the weight of your breasts is fully supported, reducing cleavage wrinkles and sagging breasts. Therefore, MyBackSleeper pillow can be an essential tool for  sleeping and remaining in the supine position. – Dr. Ivan LeSurvante, Reconstructive Surgeon