Beauty Products & Skincare

One of the industry’s booming sectors is anti-aging skin care, featuring wrinkle creams and facial serums. By some estimates, the U.S. market for cosmeceutical products – cosmetics with medicine-based ingredients – is approaching $20 billion a year.It’s tough to put a price on beauty. What are we willing to spend to look our best? Apparently quite a bit. The average American woman spends $100 per month on face cream alone. That may not seem like much to pay for glowing skin, but that isn’t always what you end up with. That may not be because you are buying the wrong product; it may be because we don’t give these expensive potions a chance to do their job.

Imagine yourself getting ready for bed. You clean your face and prepare it for that new skin serum you splurged on at your last visit to the department store. You apply the liquid as if it’s gold, carefully and thoroughly. There, ready for some beauty rest and for this product to do its magic. Off to bed you go! You get all tucked in and turn off the light. Then you proceed to cram your face full of hope into a pillow. What?! Next time you may as well skip the serum and just rub a hundred dollar bill into your pillowcase.

Sleeping on your back allows expensive beauty products to be more effective by remaining on your skin undisturbed.

Now, let’s say that you don’t use or need any of those costly anti-aging products, or that you’re happy with the time and penetration they do get on your skin. That’s great, but what about what your pillowcase is leaving on your skin?

Oily Scalp & Greasy Hair
Oil and dirt from what the day brings your hair is easily transferred to your skin while sleeping via your pillow. Eww, definitely not what we signed up for before bed.

face wrinkles pillow
Hair Care Products

Hairsprays and mouses and gels, oh my! The products we use on our hair to make it beautiful and manageable can actually irritate our skin. The chemicals and perfumes may make for lovely locks but is certainly isn’t doing our faces any favors.