Longer Lashes

7793359Ok, I get it. Long eyelashes are awesome. I myself have coveted the lashes of my lucky, lashy neighbor. BUT, is it me, or does it seem to be getting a little out of control?

I will be the first one to admit that if I had naturally long dark lashes, I would happily throw all 12 of my mascara tubes out of the window and never look back. In fact, when products like Latisse and LashGrow came about, I thought my prayers had been answered.

Fast forward five years and many missed opportunities to purchase my very own magic eyelash potion, I am seeing more and more women with abnormally long, spider-like lashes crowning their peepers. Though it is obvious that these products work well, it just seems unnatural and almost freaky, especially the way the lashes all gather and meet at the tips like a venus flytrap closing in on its prey.

I have reluctantly decided to just continue on with my daily old school mascara application and removal.
Perhaps there is a happy medium with moderate use or a trimming regimen that can make these lash growing products a dream come true.

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