Barre Fly

8204699I have tried all kinds of workouts over the years. My membership to 24 Hour Fitness didn’t seem worth it since I never got more than a handful of visits in per month. P90X was great for about two weeks until my body said, “Are you kidding me?” and let itself get so sick that I was in bed for ten days. I never did go back. I never missed Tony for one second, either.

Just last month I accepted the hard truth; walking my dog was not sufficient exercise to get this old body back into shape.

Enter the bar. No, not that bar, this Barre. The Barre method is an exercise routine that combines ballet, pilates, and yoga. Oh, and unbelievable torture. Each 50-60 minute class gets you on your way to toning and tightening nearly every part of your body, fast.

Directly after my first class, I could tell something new was happening to my muscles, and the morning after, it was official. I couldn’t move without feeling the workout somewhere. Holy smokes, it’s amazing what these tiny little movements can do!

Now, after only 15 classes, I think (and hope) I’m hooked. I am noticing subtle changes in my body and I’m going back for more – five times a week, as a matter of fact.

So, I say, if you’re looking for an intense, fun workout, belly up to the bar. Not that bar, this Barre.

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