DIY Eyebrow Tinting

6019864Let’s talk about eyebrows. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors; and the three don’t always come together the way we might want them to. For instance, my brows are nicely arched and plucked yet since they’re blonde, those achievements just disappear into the landscape of my pale face. I have drawn them in for years. Of course, not in the someone-was-weilding-a-Sharpie-this-morning kind of way, but with the powdery stuff that blends in with the hair.
I’ve had my eyebrows tinted at salons in the past, which turns out just fine and seems to last long enough. And when I’ve done it myself at home, the only issues I run into is the runniness of the hair dye, waiting 20-30 minutes for the color to develop, and my husband calling me Groucho while twiddling an air cigar.

At last, I have found a nifty solution to my blonde eyebrow woes. Men’s mustache and beard die works like a dream! It’s fast, inexpensive and lasts longer than any other method I’ve tried.

In the box you get a tray with two small tubes and an application brush. I toss the applicator and use an old, cleaned off mascara brush. With equal dabs from each tube the size of a pea, I simply mix the goo together on the plastic tray and brush on a thick layer. It takes about 5 minutes for the color to visably develop. I am very careful to wipe the bulk of the dye off outwardly with a tissue and then with a wet washcloth several times over.

Voila! Beautifully brown brows! No trip to the salon – and no cigar.


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