Referral Program

My Back Sleeper Offers Medical Spas New Referral Program That’s a “No Brainer”

What great esthetician wouldn’t want to give their clients the best chance for maximum results from their latest treatment? That’s what we thought. What if you could make some cash at the same time?

My Back Sleeper pillow is an innovative new beauty tool that not only maximizes the results of the treatments you give your clients, it also shows you care about them well beyond the time they spend in your expert hands.

My Back Sleeper is a pillow designed exclusively for back sleeping. Plastic surgeon recommended and chiropractor approved, My Back Sleeper can help your clients get undisturbed healing after a chemical or laser treatment or any other skin procedure that would benefit from minimal contact during recovery.

Our new referral program makes increasing your bottom line easier than ever. With a brochure and a quick recommendation, your clients are on their way to improved results and you are on your way to a percentage of profit!

Depending upon your flow of clientele, you can simply enjoy some extra spending money at the end of the month or you can actually cash in on real extra income.

Here’s an example:

Establishment                             Pillows Sold            20% of Sales

Awesome Day Spa                              20                      $320

Great Beauty Salon                             50                      $800

Amazing Skin Place                            75                       $1200

Below is a sample rack card. We keep track of your sales with a promo code reserved especially for your clients and cut you a check at the end of the month.

It’s as simple as that!

Here’s what they’re saying about the program:

“Every time I recommend a peel for my clients, I hand them a My Back Sleeper referral card. Sometimes I say, “Take a look at this pillow online; you may want it for your recovery.” Sometimes I’m too busy to say anything at all. Before I knew it, I was getting a steady stream of checks each month. After our regulars started telling me how much they love the pillow, I didn’t hesitate to tell everyone who comes in what a great product this is.”  ~  Kelly Evans, LPN, LPE

“We keep the My Back Sleeper referral cards at the front desk for clients to take at scheduling or at check out. At the end of each month, it’s like free money. To top it off, our clients love the product and think we came up with it! Talk about a no brainer.”  ~  Mary DeSantos, LPE

“Our plastics office has made these cards part of our surgery preparation packet. It’s just something extra to show our patients that we want to help them have a comfortable and speedy recovery.” ~ Rosemary Jackson, Patient Coordinator