Am I Giving My Expensive Beauty Products a Chance?

Applying Facial Beauty ProductsEvery year, Americans spend billions of dollars on topical beauty products; we count on them to do their magic on our skin every day and every night, but I have to ask this question; when you apply that $120 facial serum before bed, are you leaving some of your hard earned cash on your pillowcase? Simple answer: Well, yeah.

It’s probably not something we ask ourselves when buying or applying nighttime moisturizers or specialty skin treatments; am I going to give this product the very best chance at delivering its promises? Not so simple answer: Well, that depends. Are you sleeping on your back? If yes, then yes.

Just imagine applying that precious dollop of youth goo on those problem areas; you know, around the eyes, forehead and mouth. Now imagine putting that very area directly onto your pillow. Not only is a percentage of this product going to transfer onto your pillowcase while you sleep, your active, newly moisturized skin cells are also creasing beneath the weight of your head. Sleeping on your back allows the goo to better penetrate and to do its thing undisturbed. And that’s only one of the many benefits of sleeping on your back.

There’s much debate about sleeping positions and which is best for the body. It turns out that, in terms of benefits, sleeping on your back comes out on top. According to a very recent article on Care 2 HEALTHY LIVING by Diana Villbert:

BEST: On your back

Sleeping on your back ensures proper circulation to the brain, maintains your back and neck in a neutral position, and fights acid reflux—all great reasons to back-sleep. Looking for beauty rest? It helps with that too, preventing wrinkles (because nothing is pushing against your face all night) and keeping breasts perky (since they’re fully supported throughout the night).

Many other articles support Villbert’s views on back sleep and can be viewed HERE

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