My Love / Hate Relationship With Frownies

101696I have an old box of Frownies that still says, “Hollywoods best kept beauty secret” on it. I think it’s considered vintage. The new boxes still have the old fashioned styling but have become a bit more modernized. As of late, Frownies offers a full line of anti-aging products to choose from, far expanded from merely those tear, wet and stick pieces of brown paper.

I have had the pleasure of trying several of Frownies’ Skin Care products. The Immune Perfect face, um, cream? No. Liquid? Not quite. They’ve used the term “Skin Food” and that about sums it up. My skin ravenously devours it within moments of applying it and I am left with skin that feels like it’s literally full (of moisture).

Since Frownies’ logo now states, “Reverse the signs of aging – Naturally”, count me in. They had me at Reverse. Especially when you can do it while your sleep! I am big fan of waking up to pleasant surprises. The following are reasons I both love and hate Frownies products. Hate is such a strong word.

Love: When the facial patches actually do stick, you can clearly see a flat, wrinkle free surface underneath when you take them off.
Hate: I can never seem to get the wetness quotient right. I either wet it too much or not enough. I have wasted so many patches just to try again.

Love: Immune Perfect. It is a wonderful moisturizer. There is no other way to explain your skin after using it than “dewy”. Dewy is good.
Hate: Since Immune perfect contains these active, natural ingredients, I think it tends to spoil more quickly than other moisturizers. Not such a bad thing.

Love: Frownies now has what they call “Gentle Lifts” which are intended for wrinkles around the lip area, but I use them anywhere I would use the facial patches.
Hate: They are so small. Probably because I am using them in larger areas than they are intended for.

Love: The smell.
Hate: The smell.

All and all, Frownies carries a great line of anti-aging products; though I haven’t tried them all, I look forward to my next love/hate experience. Eye Gels maybe?

Bottom Line – Frownies make me smile.


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