Dysport vs. Botox – A Single Case Study / Review

2275747I just had Dysport injections five days ago and it’s almost fully kicked-in everywhere it was distributed. I have to say that I have become a fan of Dysport since trying it for the first time two years ago.

My first experience using the botulism toxins was with Botox. I remember the appointment very well. I was scared. Not because of the needles going into my face but because of the thing my mother warned me about when I was little. Something about contracting a disease from canned food going bad or raw chicken left out too long. Was this the stuff I was going to put into my body? Darn skippy, I was.

The Botox worked fine, though it didn’t seem to last as long as I thought it would and it took a good week to fully take.

Dysport on the other hand, for me, is the winner. It seems to do its magic faster and keep me expressionless longer. Just kidding, I can still give a good stink eye if try really hard.

Now I am more afraid of the needles. I have accepted injecting toxin into my face but lost my tolerance for pain.

Side Note: The cost of Botox is more than Dysport, but you need 2.5-3 units of Dysport to do what 1 unit of Botox does; so it, in most cases, becomes a wash.

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